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Our privacy statement is very easy to understand.

1) We do not use any tracking cookies - of any kind.

2) We do not employ viruses, adware, spyware, rootkits or malware - of any kind.

3) We do not keep any data on our visitors - of any kind.

4) We will never release any information you provide to us - ever.

5) We will never contact you outside of your request to us - ever.

6) We will never reuse your personal information - ever.

7) We provide a clean, safe spot on the web to discuss and find information pertaining to the SCION XB  Automobile - nothing more, nothing less!

8) We will promote all parties in a safe and positive manner which will always be appropriate for all ages.

9) We will post your photos and comments to the site upon your request.

10) We will update our site files at least two times a month, with our normal cycle running four times per month.

Happy Scion-Surfing to you!